Predictions: Rumble in the Cage 63

For the first time since Oct. 2019, Rumble in the Cage is back. Rumble in the Cage 63 goes down tomorrow night in Lethbridge, Alta. and will see Tim Tamaki defend his featherweight title against Josh Kwiatkowski in the main event. Also on the card will be top female prospects in Jackie MacLean and Shannon Clark.

Tim Tamaki (19-28-1) vs. Josh Kwiatkowski (5-6): PRO Featherweight Title Bout** TAMAKI PREVIEW, KWIATKOWSKI PREVIEW

If there’s one guarantee in this fight it’s that both men will bring it. It’s a battle between two of the toughest guys on the Canadian scene, but I think Kwiatkowski being the much more active fighter and also having a speed advantage will pay dividends here.

Prediction: Kwiatkowski wins via TKO.

Robert Protomanni (0-1) vs. Sandeep Sran (0-1): PRO 180 pounds

Sran had a tough professional debut going up against Ali Charkie, but did have his moments. With Protomanni taking this fight on short notice, there’s always the question of cardio. I like Sran to use his length to get the job done.

Prediction: Sran wins via TKO.

Jackie MacLean (3-1) vs. Shannon Clark (0-0): PRO Women’s Flyweight MACLEAN PREVIEW, CLARK PREVIEW

This might be the best matchup on the card. Although Clark is making her professional debut, she looked nearly unstoppable in her 3-0 amateur career. However, she now gets her toughest test by far in MacLean, who is off to solid start in her professional career. While I do think Clark will be competitive, I think MacLean will just be too much too soon here.

Prediction: MacLean wins via decision.

Colton Boxell (1-3) vs. Mac Stroud (0-0): PRO Welterweight

It’s no secret both of these guys want to get the fight to the ground, so the question is who will get the better of it? There will likely be a lot of grappling in this one and simply could come down to who can catch the neck or a limb first.

Prediction: Boxell wins via submission.

Phil Bernarte (1-0) vs. Justin Fernandez (1-0): AMATEUR Flyweight

This is the point of the card where things start to get pretty tough to predict. Both guys come out of strong camps, so both will be well-prepared for this one. I have to give the edge to Bernarte, however.

Prediction: Bernarte wins via decision.

Travis Erlam (1-0) vs. Cal Kostiniuk (1-0): AMATEUR Middleweight

Unless Kostiniuk has solid takedown defence, which is an unknown right now, I think Erlam should be able to get him down and find the submission.

Prediction: Erlam wins via submission.

Derek Clermont (0-0) vs. Kris Wiebe (0-0): AMATEUR Middleweight

Two guys making their MMA debuts makes this a coin flip, essentially. Clermont should have that added motivation, though, fighting in his hometown.

Prediction: Clermont wins via TKO.

Ire Bassey (0-0) vs. Garret Ross (0-0): AMATEUR Light Heavyweight

Two debutants again here. I’ll give the edge to Ross coming out of the more solid, well-known camp, and fighting in his hometown.

Prediction: Ross wins via TKO.

Trevor Fleming (0-0) vs. James Thiessen (0-0): AMATEUR Middleweight

Coin flip again here with two debuting fighters, but it’s hard to bet against Champions Creed.

Prediction: Fleming wins via TKO.

Lucas Oanta (0-0) vs. Max Casimiri (0-0): AMATEUR Bantamweight

Coin flip again here. Both guys are coming out of solid gyms in this one, so I have to go with the hometown fighter.

Prediction: Casimiri wins via decision.

PJ Mitchell (0-0) vs. Ali Karout (0-0): AMATEUR Featherweight

Debuting fighters once again here, and again it’s hard to go against Champions Creed in these scenarios.

Prediction: Mitchell wins via TKO.

Terell Jonasson (1-0) vs. Skye King (0-1): AMATEUR Heavyweight

Both guys had entertaining amateur debuts, but Jonasson seemed to be the more well-rounded and technical fighter.

Prediction: Jonasson wins via TKO.

Jabar Katavazi (0-0) vs. Adam Posener (0-0): AMATEUR Welterweight

One more coin flip here, however, I will have to go with the overall combat sport experience of Posener.

Prediction: Posener wins via submission.

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