Jesse Arnett calls Ali Alqaisi rematch the ‘biggest fight of my career,’ eyes TKO victory at UAE Warriors 33

Jesse Arnett
Jesse Arnett

Jesse Arnett is excited for his rematch Ali Alqaisi in the main event of UAE Warriors 33 on Saturday as he defends his featherweight title.

Arnett (20-8) and Alqaisi (12-6) fought back in July at UAE Warriors 30 and the Canadian earned a second-round TKO win to become the new champ. However, the fight was came to an end by doctor stoppage, and immediately after the fight he told Alqaisi and his team he wanted to run it back right away.

Now that the fight is here, the 38-year-old from Calgary, Alta. says this is the biggest fight of his career and is excited for the bout.

“No, it was a deep cut and the doctor and the ref saved him. If it went on any further it would’ve been a lot worse, but nobody deserves to lose their championship belts on a doctor stoppage,” Arnett said over the phone to MMA Empire.

“The first thing I did after it was stopped is I went to him and his corner and told them to run it back and get an immediate rematch. This is also the most important and biggest fight of my career. Is this the toughest guy I’ve fought? No. Is he the most skilled guy I’ve fought? No. But anything can happen. He’s a game fighter and I love his fighting spirit and we have a great rivalry going on. This is the most excited I’ve been for a fight in a long time.”

Not only does Arnett think this is the biggest fight of his career but he says it is also the biggest scrap in UAE Warriors history.

“This fight went viral, we are trending number one in Abu Dhabi. This is the biggest rematch and maybe the biggest fight in UAE Warriors. This is a huge fight for them, the leaders of the country are invested,” Arnett said.

“Everybody in the city is talking about it. I walk around the hotel and everybody is calling me champ. It’s a big fight feel around here.”

In the rematch, Arnett believes he can outwrestle Alqaisi, yet, he knows if he makes the right adjustments he can also beat him up on the feet. With that, he says he expects to not only defend his belt but finish Alqaisi in the third or fourth round.

“I can see him coming at me, but I’m going to be super patient. I can see something very similar happening and opening up that cut again,” Arnett said.

“I can also get him to the floor and I think he will be eager to get up too quickly and catch him in a submission. But, to be honest, I think I will TKO in the third or fourth round. And Still UAE Warriors champion of the world.”

If Arnett gets his hand raised on Saturday, the plan is to return in early 2023 and defend his featherweight strap again.

“I’m completely happy to finish my career off here in UAE Warriors. I’m taking it one fight at a time right now at my age, but I’d love to keep defending this belt early next year,” Arnett concluded.

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