Predictions: FLA 4

Fight League Atlantic is back tomorrow night with FLA 4. The main event will see Justin Bourgeois making his return to the cage after over six years away for a matchup with Patrick Connors. In the co-main event, top prospect Jerico MacPhee will take on Jesse Heartz, who is stepping in on short notice to make his professional debut. Check out my picks for these two fights and the rest of the card below.

Justin Bourgeois (7-6) vs. Patrick Connors (4-4): PRO 150 pounds

It’s really tough to know what we’re going to get out of Bourgeois after so long away. He’s still been training this whole time, so we could very well see a much-improved version of him. However, with Connors being so active as of late and continuing to improve fight by fight, I have to go with the safe pick.

Prediction: Connors wins via submission.

Jerico MacPhee (1-1) vs. Jesse Heartz (0-0): PRO Lightweight

MacPhee had a bit of a stumble his last time out, but he remains a legit prospect. Heartz has just one amateur fight on record, which was a submission loss, while MacPhee had an impressive 7-2 amateur career in addition to his two professional fights already. Heartz could surprise us, but I think MacPhee should roll here.

Prediction: MacPhee wins via submission.

Corey Forsythe (4-2) vs. Sebastian Akerley (1-1): AMATEUR Featherweight

It’s been over two years since we’ve seen either guy in the cage, so improvements have likely been made on both sides. Forsythe has a massive experience edge here and has also fought the tougher competition. Akerley can be tricky to deal with on the ground, but I think Forsythe gets the job done.

Prediction: Forsythe wins via decision.

Josh LeBlanc (1-1) vs. Jimmy Pineault (0-0): AMATEUR Lightweight

It’s always tough to pick when a fighter is making their debut. With LeBlanc having two fights under his belt already, I have to side with him solely for that reason.

Prediction: LeBlanc wins via TKO.

Rob Logan (2-1) vs. Kalem Furey (1-1): AMATEUR Middleweight

I think this could be fight of the night and is wildly hard to predict. Logan loves to stand and bang and put on a show for the crowd while I expect Furey to try and get this to the ground. I think it comes down to who can capitalize on a mistake first.

Prediction: Logan wins via TKO.

Matt MacDonald (1-0) vs. Rory Gillis (0-0): AMATEUR Welterweight

Another one with a debuting fighter. I don’t know much about Gillis, but I do know MacDonald looked pretty solid in his amateur debut.

Prediction: MacDonald wins via decision.

David Chapman (0-1) vs. Zach Raymond (0-0): AMATEUR Featherweight

They’re all going to be tough to predict from here on out, starting with this one. Although Chapman has a slight cage experience edge, I’m going with Raymond to get it done on the mat.

Prediction: Raymond wins via submission.

Khalifa Hamilton (0-0) vs. Zach Young (0-0): AMATEUR Bantamweight

It’s basically coin flips for these last few bouts. I’m going to side with Hamilton here as he seems to have a well-rounded background coming.

Prediction: Hamilton wins via decision.

Yannick Jacob (0-0) vs. Charles Gallagher (0-0): AMATEUR Welterweight

Flip the coin. I’m leaning towards Jacob as he seems to have a solid jiu-jitsu background.

Prediction: Jacob wins via submission.

Devin Turner (0-0) vs. Mark Palmer (0-0): AMATEUR Featherweight

This might be the toughest one to call. I’m going with Turner as he seems to be coming out of the better camp.

Prediction: Turner wins via TKO.

Giancarlo Tamayo (0-0) vs. Garret Rafuse (0-0): AMATEUR Bantamweight

Tamayo is coming out of a really solid gym and seems to have a pretty solid jiu-jitsu game for a debuting fighter.

Prediction: Tamayo wins via submission.