Blake Oswald plans to spoil Jerico MacPhee’s party in FLA 5 main event

Blake Oswald
Blake Oswald gets his hand raised at MFL 21. (Credit: Montreal Fight League)

Blake Oswald’s professional debut will not be like most MMA fighters.

Oswald (0-0) will debut in the FLA 5 main event slot, taking on the hometown favourite, Jerico MacPhee (2-1) in a lightweight bout Saturday night in Pictou, N.S.

Oswald said he loves the opportunity that Fight League Atlantic provided him and hopes to play spoiler to the Nova Scotia native, MacPhee.

“My manager Brad (Da Silva) found it. We liked the match up and I’m game for whatever happens. They offered it to me and I was excited and jumped at it right away,” said Oswald in an interview with MMA Empire.

“Luckily, somehow we got main event and he’s the hometown guy, so they are bringing me in from out of town hoping he can have a good after party, but we are hoping to spoil that.”

A win at FLA 5 would really help jumpstart Oswald’s career, which is why he said he’s excited about the matchup.

“He’s 2-1 pro and I’m looking to make my debut. The fact that he’s got a winning record, I’ve got nothing to lose and I’m just excited to put on a show,” said Oswald.

While Oswald goes into this fight with a risk-free mindset, he said he doesn’t know too much about MacPhee, but respects the skills that MacPhee will put up against him at FLA 5.

“I know he’s got some good wrestling and some decent stand-up and a brown belt in jiu-jitsu,” said Oswald.

“In his last fight that he won, he got a head and arm triangle in the last three seconds when he was losing the whole first round. I think I just need to come at him and be aggressive. I know he’s game, but I don’t think he’s ready for what I bring to the table and I don’t think he’s faced anybody like me.”

Another aspect of this fight that gets Oswald fired up is the fact that he is going to be fighting in enemy territory out in Nova Scotia.

“That’s the best part, being that underdog,” said Oswald.

“My last few fights I’ve been brought in from five or six hours away to come in and fight one of their guys and I’m just doing it again. This time it’s just we get to take a plane.”

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