UFC Fight Night 212: Grasso vs. Araujo main card staff predictions

Will Alexa Grasso continue her push towards a title shot? Can Jonathan Martinez pick up a big victory over a legend? The predictions from the MMA Empire team, along with our guest picker, can be found below for the five-fight main card.

Our guest picker for this event is Canadian bantamweight prospect Karim Henniene (1-0). After an impressive 5-0 amateur career, Henniene made his professional debut last month at BTC 17, taking the unanimous decision over Alex Gluzman. Once he gets a few more fights under his belt, keep an eye out for Henniene to make a push towards a big promotion.

2022 standings thru UFC Fight Night 211

T1. Kylan Knowler (112-63) 128-93-3 in 2021

T1. Jason Hagholm (112-63) N/A in 2021

3. Cole Shelton (110-65) 138-83-3 in 2021 *Champion

T4. Joel Griffith (109-66) 135-86-3 in 2021

T4. Joe McDonagh (109-66) 122-99-3 in 2021

6. Cooper Riehl (107-68) 136-85-3 in 2021

7. Cody Rempel (106-69) 134-87-3 in 2021

8. Dylan Bowker (101-74) 113-108-3 in 2021

9. Guest picker (94-81) 115-106-3 in 2021

Alexa Grasso vs. Viviane Araujo

Kylan Knowler: Alexa Grasso via decision.

Jason Hagholm: Alexa Grasso via decision.

Cole Shelton: Alexa Grasso via decision.

Joel Griffith: Alexa Grasso via decision.

Joe McDonagh: Alexa Grasso via decision.

Cooper Riehl: Alexa Grasso via decision.

Cody Rempel: Alexa Grasso via decision.

Dylan Bowker: Alexa Grasso via decision.

Karim Henniene: Alexa Grasso via submission.

Picks – Alexa Grasso: 9, Viviane Araujo: 0

Cub Swanson vs. Jonathan Martinez

Kylan Knowler: Jonathan Martinez via decision.

Jason Hagholm: Cub Swanson via submission.

Cole Shelton: Jonathan Martinez via TKO.

Joel Griffith: Jonathan Martinez via decision.

Joe McDonagh: Cub Swanson via decision.

Cooper Riehl: Jonathan Martinez via decision.

Cody Rempel: Cub Swanson via TKO.

Dylan Bowker: Cub Swanson via decision.

Karim Henniene: Cub Swanson via knockout.

Picks – Cub Swanson: 5, Jonathan Martinez: 4

Jordan Wright vs. Dusko Todorovic

Kylan Knowler: Dusko Todorovic via TKO.

Jason Hagholm: Dusko Todorovic via TKO.

Cole Shelton: Dusko Todorovic via knockout.

Joel Griffith: Dusko Todorovic via TKO.

Joe McDonagh: Dusko Todorovic via TKO.

Cooper Riehl: Dusko Todorovic via TKO.

Cody Rempel: Dusko Todorovic via TKO.

Dylan Bowker: Dusko Todorovic via TKO.

Karim Henniene: Jordan Wright via knockout.

Picks – Jordan Wright: 1, Dusko Todorovic: 8

Raphael Assuncao vs. Victor Henry

Kylan Knowler: Victor Henry via decision.

Jason Hagholm: Victor Henry via decision.

Cole Shelton: Victor Henry via TKO.

Joel Griffith: Victor Henry via TKO.

Joe McDonagh: Raphael Assuncao via decision.

Cooper Riehl: Victor Henry via decision.

Cody Rempel: Victor Henry via TKO.

Dylan Bowker: Raphael Assuncao via decision.

Karim Henniene: Victor Henry via knockout.

Picks – Raphael Assuncao: 2, Victor Henry: 7

Misha Cirkunov vs. Alonzo Menifield

Kylan Knowler: Alonzo Menifield via TKO.

Jason Hagholm: Alonzo Menifield via TKO.

Cole Shelton: Alonzo Menifield via knockout.

Joel Griffith: Alonzo Menifield via TKO.

Joe McDonagh: Alonzo Menifield via TKO.

Cooper Riehl: Alonzo Menifield via TKO.

Cody Rempel: Alonzo Menifield via TKO.

Dylan Bowker: Alonzo Menifield via TKO.

Karim Henniene: Alonzo Menifield via decision.

Picks – Misha Cirkunov: 0, Alonzo Menifield: 9